Freebitcoin Script 2017 autopilot method

ToDay im gonna show yu how to get more than 200000 Satoshi in 1H by using script
First Yu need to Haave at least 100,000 Satoshi in blance on So yucan earn more bitcoin , its important or yu gonna lose more than you win
Got sign up from here :
keep earning bitcoin until yu have Between 70,000-100,000 Satohi
On GoogleChrome click F12 the Click Console and past script Download it from here :
After yu apply script in console click bit hi oe bi lo and let the script fo hes work
better restart every 1h
ps : yucan change value from script here : “var startValue = ‘0.00000005’,”
“””””Remeber You need To have Atleast 100,000satoshi in yur blance or yu gonna lose yur Satoshi”””””


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