5 satoshi /second Autopilot Method

Alright, this is pretty cool i just started earning with this system for a few days now but as far as i’m aware this is the best monitization of automated traffic.

So the method is pretty simple first sign up here: https://adbtc.top

then sign up here: https://hitleap.com

ok so the method is simple and uses hitleap to send automated traffic. if you haven’t signed up with hitleap go ahead and do it with the link above.
In case your unaware hitleap sends automated traffic to a site that you chose. In this case we will be referring it to our referal link from ADBTC which is the first link above.

Also on hitleap you will want to have a PREMIUM account.. why? because it masks where the traffic is coming from. Also by going premium you are allowed to put in 15 websites.

Q:Can it work with a free account? A:possibly, I haven’t tried it.

ok now click on mywebsites in hitleap and enter your referal link from ADBTC by clicking add new website. When doing this set a random duration of 10-15seconds.

If using a premium account use the “quick fill” options under Referrer URL. this will give it a more organic look to the traffic your sending.

Ok now downlod the hitleap viewer and set it up on as many machines as possible and let it run.

For each view you give to the refer URL you will recieve 5 satashi!

Also you can earn more satashi by clicking on “earn” in the adbtc website. where you can get quite a bit of satoshi for just checking out some websites.

**Kilohits has just been added and coming from a good source it may pay out better. I would advize running both.

Thats it!

Hope you enjoy the method.. Remember to like the post!